PrepaidGiftBalance – Check Visa or Mastercard Gift Card Balance

PrepaidGiftBalance – Check Visa or Mastercard Gift Card Balance

Nowadays shopping using credit cards is becoming more reliable option than the paper cash, people rely on numerous credit cards for shopping at different stores, shops, Malls, and many other places, but at some point, they don’t gain Rewards and Gifts for all their made purchases by each credit cards all the time.

Which leads people to ask the lenders an annoying question “Using which credit card will provide some certain discounts or rewards on certain products at your store, how many reward points will I gain?” Well, we got some better way to get rewards and gifts using your Visa/MasterCard the best way among all which can be used in any stores for shopping in the United States of America. The key to rewards and gifts for shopping is “Sign Up and have a new experience for Shopping”

PrepaidGiftBalance is an online portal meant for all the US Citizens for Finance services (Payments). Some Prepaid Gift Balance cards also provide online bill payment at zero cost, which helps the US Citizens to save a bit of their valuable money. The official portal also helps you to gain rewards and gifts for your made purchase at any store in America. PrepaidGiftBalance often comes up with awesome bonus schemes for all the American Citizens.

The article is a complete guide for the portal

Requirements needed to Sign up for prepaidgiftbalance card.

  • A device (Mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet).
  • Valid Internet connectivity.
  • Bank account and valid bank details.
  • Valid SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Age should be at 12 to Sign Up for PrepaidGiftBalance Card.
  • Official PrepaidGiftBalance Card portal

How to Sign Up/Register for PrepaidGiftBalance card?

  • Firstly get a device (Mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet) connected with valid internet connectivity.
  • Visit the official PrepaidGiftBalance Card portal:
  • Now kindly Click on Sign up TAB to start the registration for PrepaidGiftBalance card.
  • Now kindly enter your Bank details and SSN number Now what you
  • Now fill the Mandatory* empty columns which include (Personal information, Phone number, Email ID, Security Question, User ID and Password) and submit to proceed further with the registration process for PrepaidGiftBalance Card.

Note: User Name and Password will the login credential to get logged into the official portal in near future.  

You will get to know the status regarding your application Via Mail within 5-10 days and will also you get the notification email on your registered email address in the PrepaidGiftBalance portal.

How to activate the PrepaidGiftBalance card?

Once your application is approved and you have received the PrepaidGiftBalance card via Mail, now the next process is to activate the card. To activate the PrepaidGiftBalance Card, kindly follow the below-given steps:

  • Firstly get a device (Mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet) connected with valid internet connectivity.
  • Visit the official PrepaidGiftBalance Card portal:
  • Kindly select the New User Option on the website.
  • You will be able to see First Time Login “Card Account Number” blank column:
  • Kindly enter the 16-digit number from the received PrepaidGiftBalance Card in the “Card Account Number” empty space.
  • Kindly click on the ENTER tab to proceed further with the activation process.
  • Now you will receive an activation code on your registered mobile number and the email address kindly fetch the code and enter the same in the empty space and hit the submit button to complete the activation process for the PrepaidGiftBalance Card.

The login procedure for prepaidgiftbalance Card

  • Firstly get a device (Mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet) connected with valid internet connectivity.
  • Visit the official PrepaidGiftBalance Card portal:
  • Now you will be able to see 2 different option:
  • New USER
  • Existing USER
  • Kindly select the Existing USER from the split-screen to get logged into the portal.
  • Now kindly enter the valid User Name and the valid Password in respective TAB and HIT the continue button to get logged into the official portal

 Types of PrepaidGiftBalance card

  1. PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card
  2. Prepaid Gift Balance Master Card

Types of PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card

  1. PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Classic Card
  2. PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Gold Card
  3. PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Platinum Card

How do I add money to my PrepaidGiftBalance Card?

There are several METHODS to add money in your PrepaidGiftBalance Card, the most preferable methods by the majority of the US citizens are given below.

  • You can RELOAD PACK to add money in your PrepaidGiftBalance Card.
  • To reload the pack you just have to get logged into the official PrepaidGiftBalance Card portal.
  • Once you get logged into the portal you can find the “Reload Pack” in the menu option.
  • Kindly select the “Reload Pack” option and the favorable amount that you are willing to add in your PrepaidGiftBalance Card and click on the continue button.
  • Now you have to select the payment method from the given below options.
  • Select the favorable method and proceed further by entering the asked mandatory* details for the selected method to RELOAD PACK.
  • You can transact money from the testing account to add money to your PrepaidGiftBalance Card.
  • You can go with a pay-check method to add money to PrepaidGiftBalance Card.
  • One more method is to simply pay paper (Dollars) cash to the Retailer and ask them to add a certain amount of dollars in your PrepaidGiftBalance Card.

How to check the balance for PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card and MasterCard?

  • Firstly get a device (Mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet) connected with valid internet connectivity.
  • Visit the official PrepaidGiftBalance Card portal:
  • Now kindly select the login TAB and enter you the sixteen-digit number of your PrepaidGiftBalance Visa or Master Card or enter the user name if you have set up the username as your login credentials along with the password.
  • Once you get logged into the portal, kindly click on “My Account” TAB from the given TABS in the PrepaidGiftBalance portal.
  • Once you click on the “My Account” you will be able to see the option for “Check Balance”
  • Now kindly click on the option “Check Balance” and enter the pin to view your available balance in your PrepaidGiftBalance Visa or Master Card.

Fees for PrepaidGiftBalance Visa or Master Card.

There are no additional fees or Annual fees for using the PrepaidGiftBalance Visa or Master Card, making payments for purchase and services in the United States of America the payment services are at null cost but if you don’t use the PrepaidGiftBalance Visa or Master Card constantly for 12 months then you will be charged a small amount of fee that’s 2$ you have to pay the amount to use the PrepaidGiftBalance card services again.

Contact (Helpline number) for PrepaidGiftBalance!

Contact information (Helpline number) for the PrepaidGiftBalance card is given below, kindly contact on the below-given number for any queries or concerns related to PrepaidGiftBalance cards, representatives will assist you with the best outcomes to resolve your faced problems.


Additional information

Some valuable instructions to use PrepaidGiftBalance Card

  • Kindly Swipe your PrepaidGiftBalance card swiftly at all the stores in America.
  • DO NOT throw your expired PrepaidGiftBalance card (the card includes your personal information), destroy them.
  • Using PrepaidGiftBalance card you are eligible to make partial payments for online purchases.
  • In case if you had some sought of money in your PrepaidGiftBalance card but the card got expired. {Kindly contact on the given number: 888.853.9536, a representative will assist you with your old stored amount in your expired PrepaidGiftBalance card}
  • If you are willing for PrepaidGiftBalance card replacement, kindly contact on the given number 888.853.9536 representative will assist you further for the same on call.

Note – Your Card Might Not Work In These Scenarios

Usually, the PrepaidGiftBalance card might not work while performing a transaction, some of the main reasons are given below.

  • Restaurants – Usually the PrepaidGiftBalance card gets declined to perform the transaction due to the number of dollars in the card is less than the actual limit it must have.  PrepaidGiftBalance card must have at least 20% more balance than the received bill if not the transaction won’t be performed.
  • Hotels & Car Reservations –PrepaidGiftBalance card must have at least a 15% balance more than the received bill if not the transaction won’t be performed successfully.  Make sure to have at 15% or more amount than the estimated or actual bill to acquire any Hotel & Car Reservations.
  • Gas Stations – Often the transactions get declined while paying the amount for filled gas at Gas Stations, to get rid of this annoying moment kindly Pay the actual amount getting at the Counter.

Unauthorized Charges and Lost or Stolen Cards

US citizens, if you find any unauthorized charges in your transactions for PrepaidGiftBalance card OR your PrepaidGiftBalance card is lost or stolen immediately contact on the given number: 888.853.9536 Representative will help you to get the concern resolved by letting you know what to do next if you find and unauthorized charges, and also the representative will help you to deactivate the card immediately on call. (NO worries the calling services in for 24/7)

PrepaidGiftBalance FAQ

  • How do I register my PrepaidGiftBalance?

To register for PrepaidGiftBalance firstly you have to visit the official website and click on signup TAB and proceed further start filling up the mandatory asked questions at the portal PrepaidGiftBalance to complete the registration process.

Note: You must have a bank account and valid SSN number to register for PrepaidGiftBalance services.

  • Is PrepaidGiftBalance safe?

Yes, PrepaidGiftBalance portal is a 100% safe and secure portal to rely on for payment purposes. In case if you lose the PrepaidGiftBalance no one will able to use the service until and unless they know the pin of your gift card but still it’s your duty to call us on 888-853-9536 and ask to deactivate the PrepaidGiftBalance card and give the genuine reason for the deactivation to the representative.  

  • How do I use Prepaidgift card online?

To use the PrepaidGiftBalance card firstly you have to visit the official PrepaidGiftBalance card portal and click on the login tab and input the valid login credentials to get logged into the portal. Once you get into the portal you can find all the stores and brands for shopping, you can have online shopping using your Prepaidgift card at

  • How do I check the balance on my Prepaid Visa card?

You can check your balance Prepaidgift Visa card balance online at or if you are willing to know your available balance via phone, you can contact on 1-855-279-3206.

  • Lost the Prepaidgift card, contact (Helpline) number to deactivate the Prepaidgift card?

In case if you lost your PrepaidGiftBalance card kindly Contact on 888-853-9536 and ask the representative to deactivate your PrepaidGiftBalance card by providing a genuine reason. A representative will assist you further for the same.

  • Why is my Prepaidgift Visa gift card not working?

The three common reasons are mentioned below for error “Prepaidgift Visa gift card not working”

  • PrepaidGiftBalance Visa card hasn’t been activated
  • The cashier might be trying for the wrong type of transaction
  • The actual amount which is being charged is greater than PrepaidGiftBalance Visa card balance.
  • What happens if a Prepaidgiftbalance card is not activated?

Nothing much a simple answer to the question is that you won’t be able to make any transactions at any store in whole America using your Prepaidgiftbalance Card. Make sure you activate your Prepaidgiftbalance card at (Mandatory to activate) to gain all the services of  Prepaidgiftbalance card, which includes Rewards, Gifts, and Bonus schemes.

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